At Fox Academy, we place high importance on making sure our delegates receive expert advice and the teaching of industry leading techniques from highly trained professionals. All Fox Academy courses are led by accomplished surgeons who have acquired years of experience with non-surgical aesthetic treatments both within and outside of their own clinics. Let’s get to know them a little better…

Meet Dr Mark Gorman

Dr Mark Gorman is a plastic surgery registrar, aesthetic doctor and founder of London clinic, Rejuvedoc, which specialises in non-surgical beauty treatments. With a professional sporting career until he was twenty-two, Mark has always had a mind for determination and getting the best out of his performance. After attending medical school and falling in love with plastic surgery, Dr Gorman now states that the great thing about non-surgical work is the opportunity to instantly re-shape somebody’s face, such as transforming someone’s crooked nose that has bothered them for years.

Further to this, with 10 years of aesthetics treatments under his belt, Dr Mark Gorman is now an active teacher whose work has been published on national and international platforms.

Meet Dr Glyn Estebanez

Trained surgeon, facial aesthetician and founder of Prima Aesthetics, Dr Glyn Estebanez has worked in various centres of excellence in the UK and worldwide. As the founder of a clinic in Chester that specialises in non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, Dr Estebanez is a REVOLAX Ambassador and graduated with Honours from Liverpool University Medical School and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Dr Estebanez reports that he believes REVOLAX is a perfect combination that allows him to use a high-quality product and one that he knows will behave exactly how he wants under the surface of the skin.

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