Whether you’re looking to work to your own time scale, be your own boss or simply gain extra money in an innovative, constantly growing industry, training in facial aesthetics can be the perfect way to propel your career. As November marks National Career Development Month, Fox Academy will help you realise your full potential and the opportunities that can arise from the non-surgical cosmetic industry.

Stand Out in the Industry

In a hugely attractive market, it’s often important to ask yourself how to stand out in the industry and make clients want to build a relationship with your clinic. A great way to do this is through investing in further training that allows you to stand out from local competitors. Lip and Perioral courses are now the UK’s most popular facial aesthetic treatment with many practitioners completing a foundation course however, if you’re really looking to expand your offering, why not try our Lip and Perioral masterclass to learn expert product placement techniques, how to contour and create structure, how to eliminate risks and complications and achieve expert precision that takes your aesthetics experience to an advanced level?

Train with the Best

With the global aesthetics industry set to grow by 40% in 2020, it’s important that you’re training with the best in the business. At Fox Academy, all training courses are led by pioneering surgeons within the industry, Dr Mark Gorman and Dr Glyn Estebanez.  Performing over 300 treatments a month and with 10 years’ experience both in and outside of their own clinics, Fox Academy trainers and REVOLAX Ambassadors, Dr Mark Gorman and Dr Glyn Estebanez give expert advice and teach industry leading techniques.

Career Flexibility

Many medical practitioners often turn to non-surgical aesthetics due to the flexibility that the career offers. With many medical professionals choosing to work in the aesthetics industry on a part time basis, many also give up their NHS roles in order to pursue aesthetics full time. This not only allows for creativity through procedures, but also provides opportunities for job satisfaction when enhancing the appearance and confidence of clients.

When will you enquire about your next Fox Academy training course? We’d love to hear from you and advise the best way to enhance and propel your career options.