In this e-learning course, you will learn how to use REVOLAX™ to create precise augmentations by reshaping the tip and bridge of the nose whilst also working to smooth a dorsal hump.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Difficulty: Advanced

Course Pre-Requisites

The course is open to medical professionals and people qualified in the aesthetics industry. This online course is designed for advanced injectors who have over 12 months of injecting experience and have attended a dermal filler foundation course.

Course Instructor

Dr Gorman Dr Gorman MBChB, MRCS, MD, MSc, MEd, PGC

We do not assess competence to practice. Competence cannot be assessed without practical experience and training from a reputable training provider. Our e-learning courses are intended as a means to continue professional development and we specifically do not certify competence to practice based solely on our e-learning materials.

REVOLAX Advanced Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty E-Learning Access

  • Resources
    • REVOLAX Advanced Non‑Surgical Rhinoplasty Master Tips
  • Modules
    • REVOLAX Advanced Non‑Surgical Rhinoplasty Theory
    • REVOLAX Advanced Non‑Surgical Rhinoplasty Practical Demonstration
  • Assessment
    • REVOLAX Advanced Non‑Surgical Rhinoplasty Assessment