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What is Deso?

Introducing Desoface and Desobody training for medical professionals to Fox Academy. The innovative ‘fat dissolving’ injections are designed to treat localised pockets of fat. The active ingredient Sodium Deoxycholate dissolves the areas of fat which are difficult to lose via traditional routes such as exercise and diet. The product is separated into a face and body concentration for use on different administration areas.

“Deso is the next generation of injectable ‘fat dissolver’ with active ingredient sodium deoxycholate”

What is Sodium Deoxycholate?

Sodium Deoxycholate is a precursor to deoxycholic acid which is a naturally-occurring bile acid present within the body. Its ability to affect cell membranes in adipocytes when injected makes it perfect for fat dissolving procedures. The main mechanism of sodium deoxycholate is to act on the membrane of fat cells promoting cell lysis.

Administration areas

Desobody reduces fat from difficult areas such as inner thighs, back, saddlebags, abdomen, arms, knees, top of the back, flanks and lipomas. When treating the face, the drainage of excess fluids takes place as well as reduced localised adiposity resulting in fat reduction for the right patients and improving areas such as a double chin.

Sign up for Desoface and Desobody Training and help your clients experience the revolutionary results.

Entry Requirements

This course is open to Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists who are already trained in Dermal Fillers and have at least six months injecting  experience.

Note: we will require evidence of your injecting qualifications and experience prior to acceptance on the course.

Course Content

  • Product Knowledge – DesoFace and Desobody
  • Patient Assessment

  • Results – managing client expectations

  • Treatment planning

  • Injection protocols and techniques – using cannulas

  • Infection control

  • Avoiding managing complications

  • Pre and post treatment advice

  • Results – managing client expectations

  • Business considerations

This course covers the Double chin, Jowls, Stomach Flank and Thighs.

You will need to supply your own models*.

*Model Criteria

All models must be aged 18 or over. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers will not be eligible for treatment. Also, anyone with diabetes, severe hepatic disease, lowered immunity, obese (BMI greater than 30), allergy to any of the ingredients, severe kidney disease, clotting disorders or abnormal menstruation will not be eligible for treatment.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment due to medical history.

Model prices

Desoface – £50 per area

Desobody – £50 per area